Kindly see below for the general information or restrictions:

  • Traffic related to spam, adult content, and messages that promote gambling are not allowed.

  • Messages containing URL is allowed, however, the use of URL shorteners is not encouraged.

  • Unicode is supported.

  • Messages sent to Transatel and NRJ will be delivered with the sender ID overwritten to the shortcode sender.

  • Numeric senders are not supported except for France VMN.

  • Traffic related to adult content, drugs (cannabis included), casinos, all financial games (allowed with lot of restriction: must be registered), unsolicited traffic, political campaigns (allowed with restriction), and terrorism are not allowed.

Traffic Whitelisting

According to French laws, it's forbidden to send promotional/marketing traffic between 10 PM to 8 AM (UTC/GMT +1 hour), during Sundays and bank holidays. Any messages sent at this time will be queued for delivery. If the content is promotional in nature, please ensure to include the opt-out at the end of each message (STOP 36180).

If you are sending transactional messages (notifications, OTPs, etc) from your account and need to bypass those promotional restrictions, our Support team can assist in arranging a transactional connection for your account. Please visit this page with a sample message.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Due to increased regulations in France, please fill out the form attached at the end of the article if you wish to purchase a Virtual Number for France. Once the form is completed, reach out to our Support Team for the next steps.

Marketing Traffic

VMNs can officially only be used for Person to Person messaging. That is to say that marketing content is strictly not allowed to be sent from these Numbers. We recommend customers who would like to send Marketing SMS to send with a company name as originator and not with a Number. When sending your SMS with a name, the originator will be overwritten to a short code as per the operator requirements, however, this will give you the best deliverability for marketing traffic.

Daily Messaging Limit

If you are sending with a Number, each number has a daily limit of approximately 500 SMS per number, per day. It is best to have multiple Numbers if you plan to send more than 500 SMS a day with a Virtual Number as the sender. It is best to have multiple Virtual Numbers if you plan to send more than 500 Personal SMS in 24 hours and need to receive responses.

Form for Virtual Numbers:

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