Adding a new agent to Inbox

  • Only Admins and Owners can add new agents.

  • To add a new agent, go to, tap Settings on the side navigation, select Agents from the sub-navigation and click Add agent. This will take you to the following modal:

  • Fill in the agent's name, nickname (if they have one), their email address—this is very important, as it will be used to send them an invite into Inbox.

  • Ready? You can also set the responsibilities—such as Languages, Skills, and Platforms—for each agent of the team. The skill levels are optional, but they will help you distinguish between agents that are more or less skilled in certain areas. This will allow you to assign tickets to those agents who can handle them best.

  • Your agent will receive an invitation email. Once the invitation is accepted, your agent will be granted access to the company’s Inbox.

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