How can my customers use WhatsApp with the Omnichannel Widget?

The Omnichannel Widget supports WhatsApp as a channel. This means your customers can initiate and continue conversations in WhatsApp from the Omnichannel Widget.

Starting a WhatsApp conversation from the Omnichannel Widget

To start a conversation using WhatsApp from the Omnichannel Widget, users can click on the WhatsApp card on the widget homepage. WhatsApp will then authenticate the user in WhatsApp Web or on their mobile application — depending on what device the user is active on.

When the customer starts sending messages to your WhatsApp number, these messages will arrive in the Inbox Queue as tickets or will trigger an automated flow in Flow Builder — depending on your Inbox configuration.

Switching a Live Chat conversation to WhatsApp

To switch a Live Chat conversation to WhatsApp, your customers need to navigate back to the widget homepage and choose WhatsApp. Once they are authenticated, they can start using WhatsApp to send messages. Keep in mind that the two conversations will not be automatically linked, so your agent will need to keep an eye on the new ticket coming into Inbox.

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