Changing ownership of your Workspace

If you no longer need to be the owner of a Workspace and woud like to transfer ownership, this can be done in your MessageBird Dashboard. Note that each Workspace can only have one owner at any given time. You can change the ownership to a new email address following the simple steps below.

Changing ownership to a new user

Step one

Make sure you are signed in as the owner of the account. Go to the top-right corner of the MessageBird Dashboard and click on your workspace name. From the drop-down menu, click on 'Your Account'.

Step two

Go to the 'Users' section and click on 'Add new user'. Write down the new email address and select the role. Note that you cannot immediately create a new owner, we will do this in a later step. Hit 'Add' when done.

We'll send an invitation to the Workspace to the new user. Before we can add the new user as an owner, they first need to go to their inbox to accept the invitation and set up their account.

Step three

When the new user has accepted the invitation and activated their account, you can add them as an owner. In the Users' section of your dashboard you will find a list of all users. Click on 'Make owner' next to the new user.

Changing ownership to an existing user

Go to the Users' section of your dashboard to see a list of all active users. Next to each user you will see two buttons. Click on 'Make Owner' to make this user the owner of your MessageBird Workspace.

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