With Insights you can see all your product usage data on an aggregated level for both SMS and Voice. The reporting capabilities of Insights allow you to be informed, involved and engaged with all your data so you can really own it within your Dashboard.

We will discuss the below in this article:


The platform has multiple features and different filters and groups; by allowing you to create your own reports, it is possible to have a lot of insights and see your data customised so you can visualise exactly what you need.

SMS Messages Insights

  • Total count of SMS (inbound + outbound)

  • Volume per status

  • Number of SMS per originator

  • Number of SMS per country

  • You can filter by: country code, country prefix, status, mobile country code, network code, originator

  • You can group by: country, status, network code, originator

Voice Calls Insights

  • Total count of calls/legs

  • The number of successful calls/legs

  • Total number of successful calls/legs duration

  • Total success/failure calls/legs

  • ASR (average success ratio) successful vs unsuccessful on all calls/legs

  • AVC (average call duration)

  • You can filter by: status, source, source country code, source country prefix, source operator prefix, source type, destination, destination country code

  • You can group by: status, source, source country, source originator prefix, source type, destination, destination country, destination operator prefix

Subaccounts Insights

You can find all the data for the Subaccounts including cost information in the Statistics of the Subaccount.

Creating your report

With Insights you can create your own custom reports by filtering, grouping and visualizing exactly the data that you need. Doing so it’s really easy:

  1. Go to Insights and click on the blue button ‘Create a report’ on the left side of your screen.

  2. Select the product you are interested in (SMS Messages, Voice Calls or both). If you want to choose both products, click on the ‘+’ button and it will be done automatically.

    Keep in mind that if you choose both SMS Messages and Voice Calls, you won’t be able to filter or group the data since it's of a different format.

  3. Select from the drop-down menu how you want your data to be organised. This can be by hour, day, week, month or year, If you don’t wish to group based on time, simply leave it empty.

  4. Now select the data range for which you’d like to see the data. You can do it by either manually writing the date, or selecting them from the calendar.

  5. If you want to make your report more specific, click on the ‘Add filter/group by’ button and select from the drop-down menu the option that suits your best. You can add as many filters and groups as you wish! Just remember that some combinations of filters and groups simply won't make sense, or might provide empty results.

  6. When you are ready, you can do one of the following:

    1. Save report: If you are often looking at the similar data, to avoid starting from scratch each time you can save a report with different filters and groups. From your Insights dashboard you can go straight saved reports and change.

    2. Create report: Shows you the report on your dashboard. When you have created a report, you will then have the option in the top right corner to export your report to CSV.

Viewing your report

When your report is ready you have the following options to view your data:

  • Choose your favourite way to visualise your data between pie chart, bar chart and line chart by picking a chart type as illustrated below

  • For SMS: Select if you'd like to include only sent, delivered or both types of messages in the chart.

Delivery statuses


The message has been delivered and we received a confirmation via the DLR (delivery report)


The message is on its way, it was not possible to deliver it yet. This can be due to network issues or problems with availability.


We were unable to deliver the message. It is possible that the mobile number was entered incorrectly or doesn't exist (anymore).

Delivery Impossible

We were unable to deliver the message. The device was possibly not connected with the A2P* network within the validity time span.

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