How do I connect RSA SecurID (EMC) to MessageBird's SMS Gateway?

It's quite easy to connect RSA SecurID® On-demand (SMS) Authenticator to your MessageBird Account. This article describes how to get up & running for sending One Time Password messages in no time. Keep in mind that for the moment One Time Password for RSA SecurID is only supported by our old API (not the REST API); you can read the documentation on this API for more information.

RSA SecurID® On-demand (SMS) Authenticator configuration

Configuration setup is done within the RSA Authentication Manager’s Security Console. There you'll find three sections: Tokencode Delivery by SMS, SMS Provider and SMS HTTP Proxy. You won't need the last setting to connect with MessageBird.

Tokencode Delivery by SMS setup

  • Delivery by SMS: Select the check-box to enable delivery of One Time Password messages.

  • User Attribute to Provide SMS Destination: Select the attribute that will maintain SMS data.

  • Default country code: Enter the country code according to the location of your server (for example 44 for the United Kingdom).

  • SMS Plug-In: Select HTTP in the drop-down menu.

SMS Provider configuration

Enter the details as stated below within the RSA SecurID SMS provider Configuration.

  • Certificate: Download one or both certificates and import the file.

  • HTTP Method: Select GET in the drop-down menu.

  • Parameters: Copy and paste the following string. Please keep in mind that the sender parameter may contain a maximum of 11 characters: username=$cfg.user&password=$cfg.password&destination=$plus$msg.address&body=$msg.message&sender=YourName

  • Account Username: Enter the username of your MessageBird Account.

  • Account Password: Enter the password of your API. Keep in mind that it's possible the password of your MessageBird Account and the one to access your API may be different.

  • Success Response Code: 01

  • Response Format: .*

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