How to receive a call

You can forward incoming calls on any number of your choice via our Flow Builder or through the API.

Flow builder

When you have purchased a Voice-enabled virtual mobile number, you can easily forward all incoming calls to another phone number or SIP URI by using our Flow Builder.

Check How to forward calls to another phone number or SIP URI for a step by step guide on how to set this specific flow.

Forwarding to SIP (SIP URI formatting)

When forwarding the incoming calls to a SIP trunk, please use the format below to insert your SIP URI:

"sip:<number>@<ip_or_domain>" for example:

Signalling IP's

You may whitelist below signalling IP's when receiving calls on your own SIP URI:

  • Asia:

  • Europe:

  • US:

Media IPs:







Voice codecs:

MessageBird supports the following codecs:

  • PCMA (G711a)

  • PCMU (G711u)

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