My SMS was delivered in multiple parts

SMS messages have a character limit of 160 characters. If that limit is exceeded, your message is split up into multiple parts in order to deliver it to the recipient's phone. This is called message concatenation.

Usually, the final message is delivered as one long message on the user's phone, despite having been split up for the sending process. In some cases, however, it can happen that the message is delivered in multiple parts. Below we will explain what can cause this:

Local restrictions

Some countries do not allow messages longer than 160 characters to be delivered to the end-users' phone in one piece. All concatenated messages will only deliver split up into parts of 160 characters. Please make sure to check our Country Restrictions page to check if this is the case in your destination country.

Connection issues

There might be an issue with the connection that is causing the messages to be delivered in multiple parts. If only one or two of your users are experiencing this issue, and the country you are sending to supports longer messages, please make sure to ask these users to restart their phones and send them another test before reaching out to Support. This helps to rule out any problems with the recipient's phone itself.

Still having issues?

If you have checked local restrictions and connection issues, but you are still seeing your SMS arrive in multiple parts, please reach out to our Support Team to report this issue. To help the investigation, please provide us with the following information:

  1. The affected recipient numbers

  2. Dates and timestamps of the SMS

  3. A screenshot of the messages received on the device, if possible

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