How to log in to Inbox

If you’re an Inbox owner, go to your MessageBird Dashboard, log in with your MessageBird account, and then go to Inbox on the side navigation.

If you’re an Inbox admin or agent, you must go directly to and log in with your MessageBird account. You can't log in to the MessageBird dashboard because you are not an owner.

If you've forgotten your password, simply follow these steps.

Don't know if you're an Owner, Admin, or Agent?

Learn about the three types of Inbox users and their permissions in detail, or look at the summary below for a quick overview.

  • Owner - only one per Inbox Account, An Owner has Access to the whole MessageBird Dashboard, Inbox Settings, Reporting, and Agent UI.

  • Admin - any Agent created within Inbox settings can be set to have this role. Admins have access to Inbox Settings, Reporting, and Agent UI.

  • Agent - Agents only have access to the Inbox Agent UI. Can be upgraded to Admins by Owners and Admins of the account at any point in time via the Agents page.

Keep being redirected to the Dashboard?

If you were at some point logged in as the Workspace owner - you might get redirected to the Dashboard page to access Inbox.

Follow these steps to avoid it:

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