To how many contacts can I send the same SMS message?

You can send out messages to a large number of contacts via our ‘Bulk Messaging’ feature or our ‘Send Campaign’ feature. Please note that you can send a campaign to up to 20,000 contacts. When sending through the API you can send to 50 contacts per API call as also described in our API documentation. Read more here about sending SMS in bulk: Sending SMS in bulk

How can I send a text message with a picture attachment?

Unfortunately, SMS as a format does not support the sending of messages with a picture attachment. MMS is the correct format to do so, currently, this format is supported for US and Canada only.

Who pays for incoming SMS messages?

Receiving incoming SMS messages if free of charge for you. If your customers are sending replies to your Virtual Mobile Number (VMN), their provider will charge them their standard network rate to send an SMS.

Who pays for failed messages?

We deduct the balance for all SMS sent from the account. We will send every SMS that you submit to us, whether it is sent to an absent or an invalid number, or to the operator, who then, in turn, will try to deliver the SMS.

We are charged by the operator, which is why we, in turn, charge you so it's very important that you submit the numbers correctly and check if there are any country and operators restrictions who might block your messages. If you have an API connection, you can check the validity of your number database using our HLR service.

How can I exclude my email signature when I send a text message?

If you’re sending via 'Email to SMS' and want to exclude your email signature, you need to format your email before sending it. You can find more information on how to do this here.

What format does the mobile phone number need to be in when using email to SMS?

When sending an email to be converted into an SMS, the receiving email address needs to be formatted with the <number in the international format> For example, to send to a UK number, the email address would be

Can a third party application be SMS enabled using MessageBird?

Yes! There are numerous CRM and communication platforms available that offer an optional integration of an SMS Gateway. The connection via API would usually be done with either a username/API password combination or the use of an access key, both of which you can directly generate in the ‘Developers’ section on the left-top side of the Dashboard.

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