Automatic SMS Subscriptions (Opt-in/Opt-out)

Using our Flow Builder, you can easily set up opt-in/opt-out automatic SMS subscriptions.

Why should you build an opt-in/opt-out flow?

An opt-in/opt-out flow lets you automate the system to trigger specific actions based on the content of the inbound messages. With this, your customers will be able to let you know if they would like to subscribe or unsubscribe from your messages. Using this alongside groups in Contacts, allows you to manage customer subscriptions automatically!

To build this, you can:

  • Use the ready-made template 'Automatic SMS Subscriptions' template

  • Create a new flow from scratch

But before you start:

  1. In the Contacts tab, make sure that you have at least one group:

    • This will be the group where all current subscribers will be linked.

Using the Automatic SMS Subscriptions template

  • Select the phone number you’d like to attach the automatic SMS subscriptions to.

  • Click on the ‘Branch’ Step, and customize attributes for each Branch.

    For example; incoming message → starts with → "opt-in" or "incoming message".

    Note: You can add or delete branches as you see fit!

  • Underneath each Branch, you can set actions (Steps), such as 'Delete Contact' and 'Add Contact', or ‘Subscribe to group’ or ‘Unsubscribe from group’ if you want to manage the contact in a specific group. Remember to click on save when you add Steps or set up new Attributes.

  • You can also customize the next steps so that your customers receive an automated SMS after they have opted opted-in or opted out of SMS Subscriptions. Here, you can change the content of the messages sent. Feel free to customize any steps that work best for your business.

Once you're happy with your flow, you can choose to:

  • Test your flow to simulate the actions.

  • Save as a draft.

  • Publish if you are ready to set this live.

Customizing your Flow

You can customize all the steps in the Flow.

  1. The trigger words for responses from your customers

  2. Manage the wording of auto-responses

  3. The groups to which customers subscribe and unsubscribe. Tip: Keep track of contacts that have opted out by adding a ‘Subscribe to group’ step to a separate folder

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