Set up Interactive Phone Menus

In this guide, you’ll learn how to activate and manage bots to answer your most frequently asked questions, which can reduce public health hotline backlogs.

Flow Builder is a drag and drop tool which lets you build custom communication flows, based on the channel of your choice. The image below illustrates an example of such a flow, initiated by a phone call coming into a specific number. Below you see steps that welcome the caller with a text-to-speech message and present a set of options to them, which make sure they're able to get to answers to specific questions.

Each step has a configuration panel, which opens when you click on the step bubble. That's where you can edit the content of the message, the language and voice it's read in, the possible options for caller's key presses, and more.

To get started, head to Flow Builder Templates, and select the Easy Phone Menu (IVR).

To learn more about creating your own phone menus, head to our step by step guide.

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