How to create and manage multiple Omnichannel Widgets

Multiple Omnichannel Widgets are useful for businesses with only one support team (Inbox account) and multiple brands or experiences (e.g. website and a user dashboard).

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set each Omnichannel Widget to have its own configuration (design, behaviour, and visibility) and Flow Builder automation logic.


Step 1: Create an additional Omnichannel Widget

Go to your Omnichannel Widget Overview and click Add new widget.

Step 2: Name your new widget

Set your internal Omnichannel Widget name. This is so you can differentiate between your Omnichannel Widgets—it won’t be displayed on your widget and your customers won’t see it.

Step 3: Customize your new widget

Once you’ve set the name of your widget, you'll arrive in your Omnichannel Widget Settings where you can customize the design, behaviour, and visibility, get your installation snippet, and activate your new Widget.

You can also activate, deactivate, edit, and delete your Omnichannel Widgets directly from the Omnichannel Widget Overview.

If you want to configure specific automations for your new Omnichannel Widget, you can head over to Flow Builder and customize the logic accordingly.

And that’s it! 🎉 Now that your Omnichannel Widget is live, your Live Chat messages from every active Omnichannel Widget will arrive to your Inbox account.

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