Inbox Ticket Statuses

In the below graph we will explain the various statuses available in Inbox and give guidance on how to use them.


When should you use this status?



Tickets requiring Support attention and action now

  • Customer ask a new question

  • Tickets that customers have replied to

  • Tickets that have been transferred from another department or colleague


Tickets where you need more info from the customer to help them further

  • Customer did not provide examples needed to investigate the issue

  • The request/issue is unclear


Tickets where you are waiting for input from another party in order to answer the customer

  • Escalations to third parties

  • Issues that are being looked at by another team


Tickets where the issue has been solved or the question has been answered completely

  • Tickets that have no outstanding issues or questions


Tickets currently being investigated internally that need more time to resolve

  • Agent needs help from team members to answer a query

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