What is the default MessageBird privacy consent message in Live Chat?

MessageBird wants to create a personalized experience for you and improve the way you interact with your favorite companies. By using the MessageBird Omnichannel Widget, MessageBird will collect and store personal information about you.

How can you benefit?

  1. MessageBird will store your personal information so that businesses you’ve talked to before can pick up the conversation if you talk later.

  2. In case you previously shared additional information with us, such as other ways businesses can communicate with you, you may receive messages on those other channels.

By clicking “accept” you allow MessageBird to:

  1. Personalize and improve your online customer experience by collecting behavioral information so that businesses you like can talk to you whenever you are, whenever it is best for you, and in the language, you speak.

  2. Collect the following behavioral information: page views, clicks, message content, conversations, time stamps, geolocation, browser language, and device-related information.

  3. More information is available at MessageBird Privacy Statement.

As a business, can I hide this message?

Yes! You can disable the MessageBird privacy consent message in your Omnichannel Widget Settings. Learn how to hide this message in this article.

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