Add balance

To send SMS messages, make Voice calls or buy a number, you need to top up your balance. Go to the top-right corner of your Dashboard and click on "Top up".

Under 'Add funds to your account', select the amount you want to top up. The minimum is 15€ and the maximum is 5.000€. On the right-hand side, you can see your order summary (amount plus VAT, if applicable).

Click on 'Checkout details' and enter your billing details. Make sure that all fields are filled out with the correct information.

Click on 'Proceed to checkout' select an existing or a new payment method and confirm.

Please note that for first payments, it can take up to 24 hours until the payment is verified and the balance is added to your account. For all other payments, the balance should be added within a few hours. To make sure you never run out of balance, we recommend setting up Auto Top-Up. For more information, take a look at How to set up Auto Top-Up.

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