Remove Contacts

In the Contacts menu, you can delete one single contact or a whole page of contacts by clicking on the relevant contacts and pressing 'delete'.

Do you want to delete more contacts in one go? This is possible by using the '+Add contacts' function.

Delete several contacts in one go

  • If you have an excel file of contacts that you would like to delete from your address book you can simply follow the instructions in this article here.

  • If you would like to export a group from your existing contacts, and then use this file to remove these, first follow the instructions for ‘Exporting Contacts’.

  • Once you have the file of contacts that you want to delete, head to the '+Add contacts' part in the Contacts menu:

    • Drag & drop or choose the file of contacts that you wish to remove.

    • Select the most suited delimiter.

    • Select 'remove contacts'.

    • Now you can choose between:

      • Don't add contacts to a group: This will remove them completely from your MessageBird account.

      • Group name is a column in the file: If the group that you would like to remove these contacts from is indicated in the file, you can select this option.

      • Select Group: Choose from which of your existing groups you would like to remove these contacts.

    • Click 'next' and configure the columns. Confirm by clicking 'next' again.

The chosen contacts will be deleted from your contacts entirely or the chosen group.

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