What is Flow Builder?

Our Flow Builder makes communication easy for everyone; with our user-friendly visual editor you can create your communications workflow for Voice, SMS, and Webhooks without a single line of code. You can use Flow Builder from the MessageBird Dashboard as a simple platform for automating, prototyping, and connecting communications flows with your customers within minutes.

When creating your new flow, first you need to choose between:

  • ‘Creating Custom Flow’: where you start with a blank slate.

  • ‘Templates’: Pre-built for Voice, SMS, and Webhook:

    • Forward Call

    • Forward SMS to Email

    • Call HTTP endpoint with SMS

    • Automatic SMS subscriptions

    • Easy phone menu (IVR)

    • Webhook to SMS

    • Feedback Bot

You start the flow by choosing an event that triggers it. There are four options:

  • Phone Calls: Incoming phone call.

  • Incoming SMS: Incoming text message.

  • Webhook API Calls: Incoming API calls through Webhook.

  • Conversations: Incoming conversations message.

To publish all flows, you need a Number that allows you to be recognizable and reachable to your customers; these can either be:

  • Shared (MessageBird number, please note that a shared number is for SMS only)

  • Dedicated (Your phone numbers)

Based on the Number’s capabilities—SMS enabled, Voice enabled, or both—you can add Voice, SMS, and/or Webhook Flows. You can also attach multiple Numbers from different countries to a single flow. Once you have chosen a trigger, you can start to build and customize your flow with the drag and drop Steps below:

  • Play sound file

  • Forward call

  • Send an email

  • Send an SMS

  • Record call audio

  • Say

  • And much more...

When you’ve finished, you can either ‘Save draft’ or decide to ‘Publish’ it right away. In the MessageBird Dashboard, you can always edit your existing flows or create new ones.

Get started with your own flow by clicking here.

What’s next?

Congrats! Now you know what the MessageBird Flow Builder is. You may want to learn more about how to get started or move on to related subjects:

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