Can MessageBird provide an overview of how its infrastructure is being secured?

All of our applications, services and tools are hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Each engineering team has a fully isolated development, staging and production environments.

Customers data is logically segmented.

Other controls are:

  • Multi factor authentication

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Perimeter Security

  • Data Encryption

  • JAMF to centrally manage devices, Hardening

  • Monitoring of Admin Activity, Data Access, and System Event logs

  • Annual third-party penetration test on our customer facing systems.

MessageBird has allowed “Work from Anywhere” so our employees are free to work from any place they want. However, we still have our office premises. We have no secure areas on our premises. Our office floors are protected by physical access controls, CCTV and manned security.

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