Call Information

What happened to my call?

During a call, the call itself and the legs have various statuses.

Calls generally only have three statuses: starting, ongoing, ended. The legs of the call can have several more and will always finish with a ‘hangup’ status.

The table below shows you the different statuses and their meanings:




Indicates the call has begun.


Indicates you are calling the destination number.


The call is connected.


The destination number was busy.


The destination number did not pick up. This can be due to the recipient cancelling the call, or simply because they did not pick up.


There was a problem with the call.


The call has ended.

To view the details of your calls go to the left-hand side of your Dashboard screen and hit Voice → Calling Overview.

You can choose between several tabs which makes it easy to see exactly the call details you are looking for. Please note that recordings and transcriptions are only available if you turn these on. Currently, it is not possible to turn on transcriptions within the dashboard and is only possible via the API.

If you need a more detailed insight into your calls, please reach out to our Support team via this page and we'll be happy to help you out.

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