Messaging with WhatsApp FAQ's

Is two-way messaging possible with WhatsApp?

Yes, it is. WhatsApp Business differentiates between conversations that are initiated by your business and conversations that are initiated by the customer. When you initiate a conversation with your customer, you are limited to the use of pre-approved message templates. Whenever your customer initiates a conversation or replies to your message template, however, a 24-hour support window will open during which you are able to communicate freely with your customer. These messages are called session messages, and the 24-hour window is reset every time you receive a new reply from the customer.

You can read more about Message Templates and Session Messages here: What is the difference between Message Template and Template Message?

Is there a limit to the number of WhatsApp messages I can send?

There are some limitations imposed by Meta / WhatsApp that you must keep in mind:

More details about tiers can be found here.

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Can I send group messages via WhatsApp?

Group messaging for the WhatsApp Business API is currently not supported by Facebook.

Do customers need to opt in to receive WhatsApp messages from my business?

If you want to initiate a conversation with your customers using a Message Template, your customers will need to have shared their mobile phone numbers with your business and opted in to receive messages. Your customers are also free to initiate a conversation with you, without previously having opted in.

Can I send messages outside the 24-hour window?

In order for you to initiate a conversation outside the 24-window, you need to send a Message Template. Message Templates must be pre-approved by Facebook before you can use these to prevent companies from sending unapproved messages to their customers. Read more here about Message Templates and how to use them: Message Templates guidelines.

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