Using Flow Builder to create a ticket in Inbox

Two of MessageBird's solutions, Flow Builder and Inbox, work together to bring tickets to your Inbox interface. In that sense, every Inbox instance has its corresponding Flow, automating the creation of your tickets:

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Before getting started

You will need:

Create Inbox Step

The Create Inbox step enables the connection between Flow Builder and Inbox. You can configure several options to match your desired use case:

  • Tags: Add or remove tags that will be applied to the created ticket. You can use tags to route tickets to the right agents.

  • Languages: Add the language you want to associate with the created ticket and route tickets to the right agents.

  • Callback URL: Here, you can set up an URL/webhook to receive updates every time the status of the Inbox ticket changes - from its creation to its resolution. All ticket data, including the status, channel, conversation, contact, tags, sentiment, and the agent will be included.

  • Enable Handle long wait times automation: an automated message in case the ticket isn't picked up within a defined time.

  • Enable Handle failures feature: additional branch handling the case when an error occurs.

📝 Any step that comes after the Create Inbox step in a Flow will be executed only after the ticket created by the step in Inbox has been moved to the Resolved status:

📤 Feel free to contact our Support in case you might need some help!

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