Install Telegram as an Inbox channel

Installing Telegram is a very easy process with MessageBird's Inbox!

Keep in mind that you need to create a bot on Telegram in advance. If you need some help, check out the Telegram step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Please follow these simple steps to add Telegram to your Inbox:

1. Go to your Dashboard and choose 'Channels' on the left-hand side menu and then 'Telegram' or click here:

2. Fill in the Channel name, Bot token and Bot username:

3. Click on 'Install now' and voilà! Telegram is now installed as a channel.

You can always edit, rename or delete your channel:

Go to Telegram's Settings, simply select the 'Edit channel' icon, edit needed fields and save the changes afterward:

To delete the channel click on the 'Delete channel' icon.

TIP: Once this has been completed, please test your channels to ensure they create conversations/tickets in Inbox. If they aren't, please refer to the article How to connect and disconnect a channel from Inbox.

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