Country recognition with Flow Builder

Now you can use country recognition with Flow Builder. Doing so allows you to personalise and improve the experience of your customers with this feature. To do so, just follow the next steps:

For our example, we want to forward the call to an agent that speaks the same language as the customer who is calling.

1. Add a 'Branch' Step and select the option 'is from country' from the second drop-down menu.

2. Select the desired country from the third drop-down menu.

3. Add as many branches as you need, don't forget to set-up the variables for each. For this example, we will set-up three branches for The Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

4. Add the desired response for each branch. For this example, we want to add a 'Say' Step saying 'Welcome' in each language and forward the call to a specific number where an agent who speaks the same language as the client can help him out. If the customer is calling neither from The Netherlands, Spain nor the United Kingdom it will be forwarded to an agent who speaks English since it is the most likely language the customer will know.

You're all set! The final flow using the language recognition feature looks like this:

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