Adding the MessageBird Omnichannel Widget to a Squarespace store

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add the Omnichannel Widget to a Squarespace store.


  • Be the manager of your MessageBird Inbox account.

  • Be an admin for your Squarespace store.

    • We will be using the Code Injection feature of Squarespace which is a Premium feature (should be available for Business and Commerce plans).

Enabling the Omnichannel Widget

1. Log in at and go to Inbox or go directly to

2. Go to Inbox settings.

3. Click on Channels and open Omnichannel Widget.

4. Customize your widget settings to make it match the style of your Squarespace store (logo, colours, agent name).

5. Under Location make sure to whitelist your store’s website address (e.g. to signal Inbox — it should accept chat requests coming from your Squarespace store.

6. Done? Awesome! Hit Publish changes and activate the widget. You can always come back and change the Inbox settings.

7. Now that we finished the configuration on the Inbox side, let’s copy the code snippet by clicking Get code snippet.

Attaching widget to your Squarespace store

Time to add the code by injecting it to the footer of every page.

1. Go to your Squarespace store admin page,

2. Go to Advanced Settings, and then Code Injection.

3. Inside the Footer box, paste the code snippet from Inbox.

4. And that’s it! Save the changes, publish the new site version and the Omnichannel Widget will be visible on your Squarespace store.

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