Forwarding calls using Flow Builder

When you have purchased a Voice-enabled virtual mobile number, you can easily forward all incoming calls to another phone number or SIP URI of your choice by using our Flow Builder.

To build this, you can:

Using the Forward Call template

  1. Click on the ‘Phone Call’ Step and select the phone number you'd like to attach the Call Forwarding sequence to.

    Note: You can select more than one number if you have these available to you.

  2. Move on and select the next step: ‘Forward Call’. Here you can specify the number or SIP URI you would like to forward your incoming calls to.

  3. Once you're happy with your flow, you can choose to:

    • Test your flow to simulate the actions.

    • Save as a draft

    • Publish if you are ready to bring this live.

Voice Currencies

Do note that voice features (including building forwarding Voice calls) will only work if your workspace uses a voice-capable currency (EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD or SGD).

If your workspace uses another currency outside of these 6 currencies, you will face an error. Our Support team will be happy to help you convert your current account's currency. Please reach out to our Support team via this page for assistance.

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