Show Omnichannel Widget URL as a Custom Attribute in Inbox

In this guide, you’ll learn how to display the Omnichannel Widget’s URL in Inbox so that you can see which page your customer’s last Live Chat was sent from.

This visibility is important for Inbox agents, especially when you have multiple Omnichannel Widgets for different brands pointing to the one Inbox. It is also useful for agents to have more context when talking to your customers.

Step 1: Go to Flow Builder

Go to your Inbox flow in Flow Builder. This is the flow that has both Live Chat enabled and creates a ticket in Inbox.

Step 2 Update Inbox contact

Drag the “Update Inbox Contact” step to your flow. Make sure you add it before the “Create Inbox Ticket” step.

Step 3: Create a custom attribute

Click “Create custom attribute”. Here you can set the Key and Value. You can name the Key whatever you like, so your agents will know what the attribute means -- for example, “Widget URL”. You need to set the Value as “{{message.metadata.widgetUrl}}”.

When you click “Save”, the variable will update to the view below.

Step 4: Publish!

You’re all set. All you need to do is hit “Publish” to commit your changes.

Step 5: View the Omnichannel Widget URL in Inbox

Now all your incoming Live Chat messages arriving in Inbox will pass the Widget URL and display it under the Inbox contact as a custom attribute below “Extra info”.

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