My SMS was delivered multiple times

What is a duplicate delivery?

Sometimes an SMS arrives multiple times to the same number, when the messages was only sent once from your dashboard or API.

Reasons for duplicate delivery

Duplicate deliveries are often caused by a connection issue. If an end-user's device does not have a good connection to their mobile operator, the device may be unable to signal back to the operator when it has received an SMS. The operator will think the SMS was undelivered and will retry to deliver the SMS until they do receive a successful signal. This results in duplicate deliveries.

Duplicate delivery occurs more often when the signal is poor, such as if the person is roaming on another network, or has low signal. The fastest way to resolve this issue is to restart the device. Please switch it off for 10 seconds before switching back on. This allows the connection between SIM card and network to be refreshed, and delivery should stop.

Still having issues?

If restarting the device does not resolve the issue, we can investigate this further on our side. We need the following information from your side:

  1. The affected recipient number

  2. Date and timestamps (including time zone) when the message was sent

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