How to set up Auto Top Up

Because MessageBird works on a pre-paid basis, you have to top-up your account to avoid running out of balance. All users have the option to set up Low Balance Warnings and Auto Orders, which automate warning and invoices to be sent to you. To fully automate the payment process, you will need to set up an Auto Top Up.

What is an Auto Top Up?

By enabling Auto Top Ups you allow us to automatically deduct the payment for your invoices directly from a saved payment method. You don't need to approve the payment manually and your account will be recharged quickly. Note that Auto Top Up will not work if you have open invoices on your account.

Do I qualify for Auto Top Up?

Auto Top Up is available for customers who have made a number of successful payments with MessageBird before. After a number of successful payments, an internal option becomes available for your account which allows for your payments to be processed automatically.

To see if you are eligible, please reach out to our Support team via this page and ask us whether this option has become available for your account.

I'm eligible! How do I set up the Auto Top Up?

Firstly, you should make sure you have a payment method saved. We can currently only save credit cards as a payment methods. You can read more here: Managing saved payment methods

In your Financial settings, go to the Preferences tab and activate Auto Top Up. You can enter your preferred amount for triggering the Auto Top-Up and the amount you'd like to recharge the account with. Select 'Default payment method' below.

Note that if you leave the setting on 'Invoice,' an invoice will be created when the Auto Top-Up is triggered. This invoice will be sent directly to your Financial contact that is saved in your account settings.

Important to remember

  • Auto Top-Up does not work if you have any open orders or invoices in your account. Make sure to complete all your outstanding payments, delete unpaid orders in your Financial overview, or contact our Support Team to delete any open invoices.

  • Please make sure you have enough balance in your account before sending out a large SMS campaign. If you run out of balance in the middle of a campaign, this will result in delivery failure due to low balance, even if the Auto Top-Up is triggered midway through the campaign.

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