Manage Data Retention of your Flow

For the purpose of giving you additional control over your data management, FlowBuilder offers a Data Retention feature - the ability to control how long you wish to keep logs data stored.

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Before getting started

The Data Retention feature

Before getting started

You will need:

The Data Retention feature

Data retention defines the policies of persistent data management for meeting the requirements that your business may need regarding the retention of confidential or personal information of your customers.

In the context of FlowBuilder, the Data Retention feature enables you to specify for how long you would like to keep your invocation log data stored. Invocation is a term describing each unique end-users journey through your Flow.


The setting of the feature can be accessed from the main FlowBuilder menu:

or in the selected Flow itself:

The data included under the Data Retention feature is:

  • end-users' phone numbers

  • end-users' email addresses

  • invocation success/failure details

  • variables data

The periods that you can select are:

  • 7 days

  • 30 days

  • 90 days

  • 180 days

Have in mind

❗️A couple of things you should have in mind when using the feature:

  • It can take up to 6 hours to see that the data has been deleted. If you notice it's taking longer than that, please don't hesitate to reach out to Support.

  • Once data is deleted, it is not possible to restore it.

  • The standard Data Retention period applied, if you do not modify it yourself, is 6 months (180 days). After 6 months, the entire invocation is deleted, including the above-mentioned data.

  • Data Retention is set on a per Flow basis, meaning you should modify it individually for each Flow you use.

  • There are certain data exceptions that will remain kept for 180 days, even if a custom retention period is applied. This data does not include any sensitive information and remains kept to be used mostly for troubleshooting purposes if need be. The exceptions are the following variables:

    • channelId: Defines which Channel has been used by a specific flow invocation (i.e. WhatsApp, Instagram, etc)

    • invocationId: Unique identifier of invocation

    • flowRevisionId: Unique identifier of a flow revision that has been used during a specific invocation

    • MessageBirdOriginFlowId: Unique identifier of a flow that invoked flow via Webhook

    • MessageBirdOriginInvocationId: Unique identifier of a flow invocation that invoked flow via Webhook

📤 Feel free to contact our Support in case you might need some help!

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