The difference between Lookup and HLR

Lookup + HLR provide extensive information about numbers. Upon request, we send an SRI request to receive information from the HRL network regarding any currently active number in the world.

HLR provides the following information:

  • Network/MCCMNC: Identify a number’s country of origin as well as the mobile network to which it is registered.

  • Location IMSI: Discover any given number’s current geolocation.

  • MSC: Determine whether a subscriber is roaming, in which country they are roaming, and on which network they are currently registered.

Why am I not getting real-time information about a number in my Lookup?


Our Lookup service is free to use and provides basic number insights. It can verify that numbers are formatted correctly and classify numbers as mobile, landline or SIP.

Our service applies known standards such as national formats and E.164 to keep your contact lists compliant and up to date.

Lookup provides the following information:

  • Country code

  • Country prefix

  • Phone number

  • Type

  • Number formats

Please note that not all information is available for all countries and providers at all times.

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