What kind of data does MessageBird collect?

MessageBird will process customer data as well as end-users' data. End-users are the recipients of electronic communication.

MessageBird processes personal data contained in communications sent or received by a customer through MessageBird’s platform or via its APIs. More specifically, we refer to this personal data as content data and traffic data. Traffic data includes phone numbers, location and time/date related data of the sent electronic communication, whereas content data is the information transmitted via MessageBird’s products which may include personal data. The latter is necessarily determined and controlled solely by the customer, acting as the data controller.

MessageBird also collects account data and other customer company data (Customer data) in order to allow access to our services and products via the dashboard, as well as to our developers page.

In addition, in line with the industry practices, we use the data we collect for billing, service quality improvement and training, and other related administrative purposes, as well as to detect and prevent misuse of our products and services.

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